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Unidiversity is a summer church youth camp that seeks to help youth see themselves as unique individuals crafted by the creative power of a loving God who is revealed in Jesus the Christ. 


Unidiversity is led by youth ministers and church volunteers to help youth see themselves as a member of God's larger Church, which represents many different gifts, talents, styles and viewpoints.






Join us from home or on-the-go in worship each night at camp.  We wil be once again streaming our worship services online.





Unid 2015 Videos!  

The awesome videos for each day of camp are published online each night!  Check out  http://vimeopro.com/user3079082/unidiversity-2015



Unid 2014 

Wanna take a look back? https://vimeopro.com/user3079082/unidiversity-2014


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